Course Description

This routine is the biggest key to my success. 

It covers all of the fundamentals: high/low, loud/soft, slurred/articulated, flexibility, trills, multiple articulation, stopped horn, embouchure building. 

I play this every day, and have for 28 years! The goal is long term growth, not perfection now. Do not practice a particular exercise until you feel it's great, play the whole routine and have it get better over 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc.

I've added options for each exercise if you need some variety to the routine. If you do decide to change it up, for #1 - #4, if you choose the a option, then pick the a option for all of them so it keeps the symmetry of the dynamics/articulation in tact. 

Ideally you want this to take you only about 25 - 30 minutes. In the beginning it might take you 45+. Just keep working on it to bring the overall timing down. 

Happy Practicing!

Low Horn Specialist

Denise Tryon

A native of Roseville, MN, Denise Tryon is the Horn Professor of Peabody Conservatory. Previously she was the fourth horn of The Philadelphia Orchestra (2009-2017), she has also held positions with the Detroit (2003-2009), Baltimore (2000-2003), Columbus (1998-2000), and New World (1995-1998) Symphonies and has participated in the Colorado Music Festival and the Pacific Music Festival. An accomplished solo performer, Tryon has performed recitals in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Japan and the United States.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    DT Routine

    • DT Routine PDF

    • Denise Tryon Routine

    • Warm Up Low

    • Warm Up Middle

    • Warm Up High

    • a. Air Attacks

    • 1 - Major Scales

    • 2 - Minor Scales

    • 3 - Major Arpeggios

    • 4 - Minor Arpeggios

    • 5 - Low Register Blasts

    • 6 - Harmonic Series

    • 7 - Broken Arpeggios

    • Alternative Flexibility - Tuba Flexie

    • 8 - Trills

    • 9 - Sfz Spikes

    • 10 - Multiple Articulations

    • 11 - Stopped Horn

    • 12 - Embouchure Building (Singer #40)