Low Horns Unite!

taught by Denise Tryon

Course description

There are two types of horn players

Those who advance and win jobs regularly and those who struggle to advance

Which one are you?

In the beginning of my audition career, I struggled to advance! I spent countless hours in the practice room, only to not advance at the audition again. It was frustrating.

Then I started to figure things out - specifically how and what to practice so the committee could hear what a great player I was. This enabled me to not only start advancing - but to win multiple jobs and eventually land in a Top 5 orchestra - a dream for most of us!

It's all in the preparation. HOW you do it. WHEN you do it. WHAT you do. And it's a daily thing.

Right habits = right results

There ARE fundamentals required for Top 5 excellence. I've been teaching these fundamentals for a long time to a select number of private students.

Because I've had so many people ask, I am *finally* opening up the opportunity to get virtual access to me for a super low monthly fee.

- my horn make and mouthpiece make
- physical setup advice (embouchure, break range, right hand position, etc.)
- practice! (how much, what, when and various tools)
- all things recording related (for CDs, festivals, schools, etc.)
- all things audition related (excerpts, style, sound, how to play in an appropriate style for each excerpt, how to "sell" your playing to the committee, etc.)
- all things CAREER related

- Excerpt of the Month - professionally recorded and edited (commentary included)
- Monthly Live AMA ("Ask Me Anything")
- Access to my private Slack community for members only where discussions are private and your specific questions are answered
- Direct feedback on your orchestral excerpts (inside Slack)

NOTE: The emphasis is low horn as that is my specialty, but ANY horn player is welcome to join and will get a great deal out of it.

Obviously I'd love for you to remain a member. However, you are free to discontinue your membership at any time.

Denise Tryon
Denise Tryon
Low Horn Specialist

A native of Roseville, MN, Denise Tryon is the Horn Professor of Peabody Conservatory. Previously she was the fourth horn of The Philadelphia Orchestra (2009-2017), she has also held positions with the Detroit (2003-2009), Baltimore (2000-2003), Columbus (1998-2000), and New World (1995-1998) Symphonies and has participated in the Colorado Music Festival and the Pacific Music Festival. An accomplished solo performer, Tryon has performed recitals in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Japan and the United States.

Course Curriculum

Low Horn Excerpt of the Month Videos
Beethoven 3 Trio Video (Nov, 2014)
Beethoven 3 Commentary
Tchaikovsky 4 Opening Video (Dec, 2014)
Tchaikoveshky 4 Commentary
Beethoven 9 Main Solo Video (Jan, 2015)
Beethoven 9 Main Solo Commentary
Brandenburg Trio Video (Feb, 2015)
Brandenburg Trio Commentary
Don Juan Calls Video (March, 2015)
Don Juan Calls Commentary
Schubert 9 Opening Video (April, 2015)
Schubert 9 Opening Commentary
Shostakovich 5 Low Tutti Video (Dec, 2016)
Shostakovich 5 Low Tutti Commentary
Mahler 1 mvt 3 #13 - #15 Video (Jan, 2017)
Mahler 1 mvt 3 #13 - #15 Commentary
Mahler 3 Recap Video (Feb, 2017)
Mahler 3 Recap Commentary
Beethoven 8 Trio Video (March, 2017)
Beethoven 8 Trio Commentary
Der Freischutz Video (April, 2017)
Der Freischutz Commentary
Brahms 4 Video (May, 2017)
Brahms 4 Commentary
Don Quixote Var 7 Video (June, 2017)
Don Quixote Var 7 Commentary
Don Quixote Var 8 (July, 2017)
Don Quixote Var 8 Commentary
Beethoven 9 2nd solo (Aug, 2017)
Beethoven 9 (2nd solo) Commentary
Haydn 31 (Sept, 2017)
Haydn 31 Commentary
Ein Heldenleben #4 - #12 (October, 2017)
Ein Heldenleben Commentary
Beethoven 7 - Movement I (November, 2017)
Beethoven 7 - Movement 1 Commentary
Mahler Symphony 9 - opening (December, 2017)
Mahler Symphony 9 Commentary
Mendelssohn 3 - Excerpt 1 (January, 2018)
Mendelssohn 3 Commentary
Mendelssohn 3 - Excerpt 2 (February, 2018)
Mendelssohn 3 (2nd excerpt) Commentary
Beethoven 7 - Movement 2 (March, 2018)
Beethoven 7 - Movement 2 Commentary
Beethoven - Fidelio
Beethoven 7 - Movement 3
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